NAGRO multiple microelement organic fertilizer
A unique product from the Russian manufacturer
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all-purpose bioorganic fertilizer suitable
for all types: indoor, garden, field, agricultural crops,
which you can buy in bulk from 10 liters.
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NAGRO multiple microelement
fertilizer in bulk

Advantages of NAGRO fertilizers

Increase in root system from 100%
Increase in vegetative mass 50%
Drought protection
Increases productivity from 30%
Biological protection against insects
Biological protection against microorganisms
Video of application results


Vegetable marrows

Currant berries
Indoor plants
All crops
Photo of treatment results
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How to use NAGRO multiple microelement fertilizer

Link to download instructions
Certificates and reports
Certificate of state registration
Report on production tests of fungicides and micronutrient elements in the fields of sugar beet of Agrosila JSC
Test report on the effect of growth regulators on the sowing quality of winter wheat
Test report on the application of bioenergy and NAGRO fertilizer
Comparative certificate. Purpose: establishment of a trial in order to study the efficiency of NAGRO bioorganic nanofertilizers
Comparison of the effect of foliar dressing on the productivity of beet hybrids
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8 (800) 707 98 31
city of Moscow, 16s5 Ryazanovskoe shosse
OGRN (PSRN): 1187746916499 TIN: 7704464280
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